Walk With Us

Encounter by Lefteris Tapas

Join the movement to preserve, protect and conserve monuments and artifacts of significant cultural and historical value. Walk of Truth aims to increase public awareness of the destruction and misappropriation of precious cultural objects, whether through looting, art trafficking or the direct effects of war. Join the fight to combat art trafficking Walk of Truth is […]

Volunteer With Us

Hamel's Children by Johannes van Vugt

You don’t have to give money to donate to Walk of Truth. Why not volunteer? Volunteering is a great way to be a part of Walk of Truth’s work. We rely on the valuable support of literally thousands of volunteers. Get in touch with the Walk of Truth today to volunteer or complete the Volunteer […]

Donate With Us

Family Maps, By Melina Couta (photo courtesy of Andreas G. Coutas)

Make a difference – by donating to Walk of Truth It’s amazing how much can be achieved with just a small amount of money from people like you and a little help from Walk of Truth. Your help will make a real difference to people’s lives around the world and help bring cultures together, stop […]

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