The emergency facing cultural heritage

The world’s cultural heritage faces an acute and growing threat from war, terrorism and crime. Centres of ancient civilisation such as Syria, Iraq, Mali and Afghanistan have become zones of conflict and anarchy where terrorists and religious zealots flaunt their wanton destruction of ancient monuments and theft of antiquities.

Today more than ever, world heritage is threatened by war, terrorism and crime. Groups like Islamic State are determined to eliminate all traces of past cultures including rival forms of Islam. The sale of looted antiquities is a vital source of funding for arms for terrorism. Trafficking of cultural goods is said to be the third-largest form of illegal trade after weapons and drugs.

Walk of Truth

Walk of Truth believes that the best route to countering – and, in the long term, preventing — the damage wrought in conflict zones is by uniting those who care about our global heritage and by raising awareness of its value and of the responsibility of each of us to protect it. Walk of Truth campaigns for the protection of cultural heritage from violence and for the recovery of stolen artworks and antiquities. It aims to complement the work of governments and institutions by giving ordinary people, including refugees and victims of war, a role in protecting threatened heritage and identifying stolen treasures.